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Home to two award-winning school systems, the largest undergraduate university in Tennessee and a wide array of professional and technical education offerings, Rutherford County has it all in terms of education.

Rutherford County School System

Full list of K-12 Rutherford County Schools

Rutherford County Schools consistently ranks among the best school districts in Tennessee and has outpaced national rankings on a number of measures. It’s the fifth largest district in the state, behind those in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

Since the 2000-2001 school year, Rutherford County Schools has added more than 15,000 students for a total enrollment of more than 41,000. During that time, the district has opened 17 new schools and completed additions / renovations at nine other schools.

Despite the county’s tremendous growth-rate and the accompanying challenges, Rutherford County Schools has served as a model for many other districts in the areas of academics, planning and safety measures.

For more information, access the Rutherford County Schools fact book.

Murfreesboro City Schools

Full list of K-12 Murfreesboro City Schools

Murfreesboro City Schools focuses on prekindergarten through sixth grade learning, meeting the needs of the whole child by achieving synergy between the school community and the community as a whole through partnerships in learning. Educators in the 12 schools represented concentrate on research-based, effective instructional strategies allowing children to succeed in their education.

Additionally, MCS children are given many opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Whether performing in our arts academy, learning science through horticulture or achieving success through one of our many hands-on learning camps, MCS children are excelling.

For more information, visit the Murfreesboro City Schools website.

For the Murfreesboro City Schools Annual Report, click here.

Higher Education Highlights

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)

Founded in 1911, Middle Tennessee State University has seen over a hundred years of educating and over 90,000 graduates. MTSU is a university that understands its important role as the main destination for Tennessee undergraduates, but also aims to expand its reach nationally and internationally by the many degree programs offered at the college. MTSU promises to generates, preserves and disseminate knowledge and innovation. The University is dedicated to preparing its students to flourish in their chosen field of profession and be able to grow and change society throughout the world.


CLICK HERE for a complete list of academic programs offered by MTSU.

Motlow State Community College

Students of all ages come to Motlow to complete two years of college prior to transferring to a 4-year school, to complete career programs that allow them to immediately enter the workforce, or for personal growth and enjoyment. The College serves full-time, part-time, traditional, and non-traditional students, who are from various socio-economic populations with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Motlow, with four campuses and multiple teaching locations throughout Middle Tennessee, has an enrollment of approximately 4,300 students.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of academic programs offered by Motlow State Community College.

Motlow also offers workforce training and employee development programs geared towards existing industries. Those programs include:

  • One-Stop-Shop training
  • Continuing Education Unit Certificates (CEU’s) retained on college data base for future reference
  • Customized on-site training
  • Consulting in every area of business and industry
  • Transition programs for companies who are downsizing or laying-off workers
  • Partnering with other state agencies and public training companies

Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Murfreesboro

Through the years the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology have served as the leading providers for workforce development throughout the state of Tennessee. The colleges accomplish this by offering high quality training and retraining of employed workers, as well as, providing competency-based training in various types of instructional delivery systems, which will allow individuals opportunities for employment or advancement in jobs. The colleges’ offers high quality training that is economical and accessible to all residents of Tennessee, thereby adding to the economic and community development of the districts we serve.

Click here to visit our website for a complete list of academic programs offered by Tennessee College of Applied Technology.

Fulltime Programs offered are:

  • Administrative Office Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Dental Assisting
  • Drafting and CAD Technology – (Distance Education Program)
  • Graphic Design & Web Development Technology
  • Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration
  • Industrial Electrical Maintenance
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Phlebotomy
  • Practical Nursing
  • Surgical Technology

For a list of each school’s bell times, please follow this link

Barfield Elementary School 615-904-3810 615-904-3811 350 Veterans Parkway, M’boro, 37128 K-5 Judy Goodwin
Blackman Elementary School 615-904-3795 615-904-3796 586 Fortress Blvd., M’boro 37128 K-5 Cynthia Ford
Blackman High School 615-904-3850 615-904-3851 3956 Blaze Dr., M’boro 37128 9-Dec Dr. Leisa Justus
Blackman Middle School 615-904-3860 615-904-3861 3945 Blaze Dr., M’boro 37128 6-Aug Dr. Amy Connifey-Marlin
Brown’s Chapel Elementary School 615-904-6755 615-904-6756 6128 Baker Road, M’boro 37129 K-5 Kellye Goostree
Buchanan Elementary School 615-893-3651 615-893-6222 6050 Manchester Hwy., M’boro 37127 K-5 Ashley Witt
Cedar Grove Elementary School 615-904-3777 615-904-3760 354 Chaney Road, Smyrna 37167 K-5 Paige Jorge
Central Magnet School 615-904-6789 615-904-6788 701 E. Main St., M’boro 37130 6-Dec Dr. John Ash
Christiana Elementary School 615-896-0614 615-896-3715 4701 Shelbyville Hwy., Christiana 37037 K-5 Angie Baker-Templeton
Christiana Middle School 615-904-3885 615-904-3886 4675 Shelbyville Pike, Christiana 37037 6-Aug Dr. Crystal Hastings
Daniel-McKee Alternative School 615-890-2282 615-898-7726 2623 Halls Hill Pike, M’boro 37130 6-Dec Dr. Diana Brown
David Youree Elementary School 615-904-6775 615-904-6776 250 Todd Lane, Smyrna 37167 K-5 Monica Wilkerson
Eagleville School 615-904-6710 615-274-6859 500 Hwy. 99, Eagleville 37060 K-12 Bill Tollett
Holloway High School 615-890-6004 615-904-7508 619 S. Highland Ave., M’boro 37130 9-Dec Sumatra Drayton
HP Campus School 615-895-1030 615-904-7502 923 E. Lytle St., M’boro 37130 K-5 Dr. Sherry King
John Colemon Elementary School 615-904-6740 615-459-0936 1098 Espey Drive, Smyrna, 37167 K-5 Christy Brown
Kittrell Elementary School 615-893-7604 615-849-2187 7801 Old Woodbury Pike, Readyville 37149 K-5 Ynetia Avant
Lascassas Elementary School 615-893-0758 615-893-1275 6300 Lascassas Pike, Lascassas 37085 K-5 Tamera Blair
LaVergne High School 615-904-3870 615-904-3871 250 Wolverine Trail, La Vergne 37086 9-Dec Dirk Ash
LaVergne Lake Elementary School 615-904-6730 615-904-6731 201 Davids Way, La Vergne 37086 K-5 Paige Johnson
LaVergne Middle School 615-904-3877 615-904-3878 382 Stones River Road, La Vergne 37086 6-Aug Cary Holman
LaVergne Primary School 615-904-6735 615-793-5952 220 Stones River Road, La Vergne 37086 K-1 Angela Thomas-Maupin
McFadden School of Excellence 615-893-7251 615-898-7724 221 Bridge Ave., M’boro 37129 K-5 Dr. Clark Blair
Oakland High School 615-904-3780 615-904-3781 2225 Patriot Dr., M’boro 37130 9-Dec John Marshall
Oakland Middle School 615-904-6760 615-904-6761 853 DeJarnette Lane, M’Boro 37130 6-Aug Tori Ruis
Riverdale High School 615-890-6450 615-890-9790 802 Warrior Dr., M’boro 37128 9-Dec Ryan Nance
Rock Springs Elementary School 615-904-3820 615-904-3821 1000 Waldron Road, La Vergne 37086 K-5 Stephen Lewis
Rock Springs Middle School 615-904-3825 615-904-3826 3301 Rock Springs Road, Smyrna 37167 6-Aug Stephen Wayne
Rocky Fork Elementary School 615-904-6785 615-904-6786 200 Thunderstorm Lane, Smyrna 37167 K-5 Scott Bolden
Rocky Fork Middle School 615-904-6780 615-904-6781 100 Thunderstorm Lane, Smyrna 37167 6-Aug Dr. Jimmy Sullivan
Rockvale Elementary School 615-904-3881 615-274-2761 6550 Hwy. 99, Rockvale 37153 K-5 Dayna Nichols
Rockvale High School 615-848-6500 615-848-6501 6545 Hwy. 99, Rockvale 37153 9-Dec Steve Luker
Rockvale Middle School 615-904-6745 615-904-6746 6543 Hwy. 99, Rockvale 37153 6-Aug Fred Barlow
Roy Waldron School 615-904-3785 615-904-3786 125 Floyd Mayfield Dr., La Vergne 37086 2-May Tiffany Dukes
Siegel High School 615-904-3800 615-904-3801 3300 Siegel Road, M’boro 37129 9-Dec Larry Creasy
Siegel Middle School 615-904-3830 615-904-3831 355 W. Thompson Lane, M’boro 37129 6-Aug Kim Stoecker
Smyrna Elementary School 615-904-6725 615-904-6726 1001 Sam Davis Rd., Smyrna 37167 K-5 Amy Patton
Smyrna High School 615-904-3865 615-904-3866 100 Bulldog Dr., Smyrna 37167 9-Dec Dr. Sherri Southerland
Smyrna Middle School 615-904-3845 615-904-3846 712 Hazelwood Dr., Smyrna 37167 6-Aug Dr. Theowauna Hatchett
Smyrna Primary School 615-904-6720 615-355-5609 200 Walnut St., Smyrna 37167 K-5 Felicia James
Smyrna West Alternative School> 615-904-3856 615-904-3857 12619 Old Nashville Hwy., Smyrna 37167 6-Dec/td>

Judy Sides
Stewarts Creek Elementary School 615-904-6750 615-904-6751 200 Red Hawk Parkway, Smyrna 37167 K-5 Tina Turner
Stewarts Creek High School 615-904-6771 615-904-6772 301 Red Hawk Parkway, Smyrna 37167 9-Dec Clark Harrell
Stewarts Creek Middle School 615-904-6700 615-904-6701 400 Red Hawk Parkway, Smyrna 37167 6-Aug Letoni Murry
Stewartsboro Elementary School 615-904-6705 615-904-6706 10479 Old Nashville Hwy., Smyrna 37167 K-5 Gary Seymore
Thurman Francis Arts Academy 615-904-6715 615-459-7710 221 Todd Lane, Smyrna 37167 K-8 Jeff McCann
Walter Hill Elementary School 615-893-8046 615-848-5272 6309 Lebanon Pike, M’boro 37129 K-5 Helen Campbell
Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School 615-904-6765 615-904-6766 5555 Manchester Pike, M’Boro 37127 6-Aug Avy Seymore
Wilson Elementary School 615-904-3840 615-904-3841 1545 Cutoff Rd., M’boro 37129 K-5 Angela Barnes